Happy 2019!

How about that full Wolf (Blood) Moon? January is Worldwide Rising Star Month – will you be one? It’s National Oatmeal Month, which seems fitting since Oats are also chosen by the National Whole Grains Council as the grain of the month. Go ahead, click on the link and see how nutritious Oatmeal is for us. It’s mighty tasty too!

In honor of International Brainteaser Month, here’s one for ya:

Jimmy’s mother had four children. She named her first child Monday, her second one Tuesday, and her third child Wednesday. What did she name her fourth child?

Did you know that Groundhogs aren’t the only animals that can predict the weather? In fact, wolves are known to howl more before a storm, cows will attempt to scratch their ears when showers are near, and deer and elk come down from the mountains a few days ahead of a storm. There’s also the adage that when a cat lies in the sun in February, she will creep behind the stove in March.

For some, the only day that takes a close second to Easter Sunday is Discount Easter Candy Monday! March 8th is Middle Name Pride Day, how do you like your middle name? Can you imagine having the middle name: Covering, if your first name was Window? One very famous inventor was not given a middle name and begged his parents to grant him one. Luckily, they agreed, and Alexander Graham Bell would be 172 on March 3rd this year. Wish him Happy Birthday if you’re reading this on your phone. By the end of the month, you may be seeing a few sleepy, yawning bears, bees, bats, and snakes waking up from hibernation, and earthworms will be wiggling their way out of the ground just in time for the full Worm Moon on the 20th.

Happy New Beginnings!

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