What's News to you?

Did you know that a group of frogs is called an Army and there are over 4,700 kinds of frogs in the world? Some of them can jump 20 times their own length and they all drink water by absorbing it through their skin. They use their long sticky tongues to catch their food and most frogs do have teeth that they use to keep food in place before swallowing it. They blink when they swallow – that’s how you can tell a frog just ate something!  

Tropical frogs come in vibrant, pleasing colors. But beware: the colors are nature’s warning of danger. This Poison Dart frog is one of the most dangerous in the world



The Blue-jeans Frog is a native of Costa Rica and typically found in swampy forest areas – even in the United States. Keep in mind, he might be a trendy dresser but he is in the Poison Dart family!


Colorado River or Sonoran Desert Toad – While from the frog family, he has a few differences. Clearly, he’s not as slim as a frog. He doesn’t have the long legs for jumping or the webbed feet that frogs have for swimming because he, being a toad, walks around on land. The not-so-pretty toad is also not so good for pets if they get too close. Though not extremely poisonous, the toad carries just enough toxins to make your dog or cat very, very sick.



The Glass frog is so translucent that if you can even find him, you can see his tiny heart beating in his see-through underbelly.





Happy Frog Month – and be careful!