The Prickly Feather

Arizona: Where women were granted the right to vote eight years before national suffrage and donkeys are still not allowed to sleep in bathtubs. You can expect a fine for bothering cottontails or bullfrogs in Hayden and, likely because they once hauled food and supplies for the US Calvary, hunting camels is strictly prohibited throughout the territory.

On the Calendar:

Due to January’s second full moon, affectionately known as a Blue Moon (31st), February will not have one at all this year. In addition, Superman and others will have to skip their birthdays.

Solo Diners may want to celebrate (Feb 7-12) at their favorite literarily inspired Starbucks, where solo dining isn’t just a thing – it’s a theme. Locating one of these popular coffeehouses shouldn’t be a problem as there are reportedly 3 -6 new establishments opened daily worldwide.

Library Lover’s Day and International Book Giving Day coincide with Valentines and Have a Heart Day (14th), so there you go.

Sources tell us there may be a connection between National Bubble Gum Month, and Toothache and Tooth Fairy days occurring in the same month. 

As we March into Literacy Month, Ghostwriters taking part in National Words Matter Week may well have the cutting edge during Fix a Leak Week by taking full advantage National Grammar Day. Meanwhile, talks of combining Save a Spider and Shoe the World days have been shelved in the interest of World Storytelling Day.

Have a great 2018 beginning!

Catalina Haven